Rug Cleaning

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Our Rug Cleaning Process

Step 1: Perform a very thorough Pre-inspection. This is the most important step in cleaning your rug. During this stage, we determine the origin of your rug, as well as the fiber type and appropriate cleaning method. In addition, we also check and record any pre-existing conditions of your rug.

Step 2: Dry Soil Removal. Almost 75% of all rug soil is a dry particulate material. It is easier and safer to remove this by dry soil extraction. We use a combination of two methods in removing dry soils from your rug. The first is a portable beater or Rug Badger. We place your rug on metal racking and move the Rug Badger over your rug. There are leather straps under the Rug Badger which beat against your rug loosening dirt and debris from your rug. After we perform this step we then vacuum your rug with our commercial grade vacuums.

Step 3: Pre-Treating your rug. Pre-Treatments include the use of pre-sprays, pre-cleaning spotting, and fringe cleaning. A pre-spray may be necessary on soiled rugs, particularly if constructed from synthetic fibers. We only use wool safe certified products on ALL rugs.

Step 4: Cleaning your rug. We have a mini in-house rug cleaning plant. Our submersible cleaning pit allows us to soak problem or urine damaged rugs. We make sure to clean both sides of every rug, and we always use cold water to prevent a color run or bleeding.

Step 5: Rinsing your rug. Good rinsing prevents detergent residue build up that, over a period of several cleanings, may cause the dyes to bleed and the rug to re-soil more rapidly.

Step 6: Grooming your rug. Imagine washing your hair and not combing it before it dries, it’s clean but it doesn’t look good. Grooming is an essential part of rug cleaning. We use an array of specially designed brushes to ensure the pile of your rug is set the right way allowing your rug to look its best.

Step 7: Drying your rug. First we hang your rug on rug drying racks and place high velocity air movers directed at your rug to increase drying time. The faster the drying time the less chance of browning or ph imbalances to occur.

The Secret Area Rug Cleaning Tip:

Vacuuming is your area rug’s best friend when done correctly.

To remove the maximum amount of dirt from your area rug turn your rug upside down and vacuum the back of the area rug first, this vibrates the loose dirt and debris to the top of the fibers. Using a rotating/ beater bar type of vacuum cleaner works the best.

For Wool area rugs it is best to use suction only to vacuum the topside of your area rug. A rotating brush/beater bar vacuum can remove the finer fibers and make your area rug fibers wear away faster.

For Synthetic rugs, it is okay to use a rotating brush/beater bar on the top and back side of the area rug. The fibers of a Synthetic rug don’t shed like a wool rug.

To vacuum the fringes either use suction only or vacuum side to side across the area rug instead of lengthwise. The fringes are less likely to get sucked into the vacuum.

Vacuuming your area rugs once a week and doing a front and back vacuuming at least once a month extends the life of your area rug.

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